Shrikrishna Holla

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Category Technologies
Programming Languages and Frameworks Python, C, C++, Java, Scala(Basic), Qt, KDE
Databases MongoDB, Redis (Basic), MySQL (Basic), Oracle (Basic)
Web Technologies Nodejs, Django, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Past Work

Adding an Infinite Canvas Mode for Krita (GSoC project) 1

Google Summer of Code 2012 project with KDE. Adds an infinite canvas mode, a feature that allows an artist to draw anywhere on an infinite canvas. The image dynamically resizes to fit the actual content of the image

Technologies used: Qt/C++, with Calligra and Krita’s custom libraries

Optimus 2

Optimus is an IRC bot being developed to monitor the logs and provide assistance in PES OpenSource Community’s IRC channel #pes-os (in freenode)

Technologies used: Node.js

Web-based IDE 3

The objective of this project is to enable developers to write and test their web applications in the browser, so that they don’t need to worry about language and environment setup. Consists of a real time collaborative text editor and in-browser multi-language interpreter.

Technologies used: Node.js, Sharejs, jsREPL

Cloud IDE

This is an enhancement over the previous project. It is adapted to act as a cloud service provider, specifically a PaaS application where users can demand an environment and are given complete root access to the environment. Subdomains are given to each user to test their code, written via a web based collaborative editor

Technologies used: Docker, Node.js, tty.js, Sharejs

LinkedIn data analytics 4

This application is capable of analyzing large number of LinkedIn profiles and returning the most relevant profiles to fulfill user’s critera. Has its own modular in-memory database engine with SQL-like syntax

Technologies used: Python

Project Publishing Portal 5

This aims at allowing students to publish their academic projects for the world to see. Uses Github, Bitbucket or LinkedIn credentials to authenticate users.

Technologies used: Django, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3

Chatroom with inbuilt spam detection 6

Uses NLTK’s Naive Bayes Classifier to build a chat room in which spam messages are automatically flagged.

Technologies used: Python,, nltk

Contact Details

Address Contact
Room #10, Hoysala Trust Boys’ Hostel
Hosakerehalli, BSK III stage, Bangalore, +91 9008933820
Karnataka State, India – 560 085